watch out for her. watch out for her with him.

the north remembers..

The reason I sympathise with Sansa so much is because I feel like as a 13 year old girl when I was playing her, being thrust into any situation like that’s so intimidating with everything you’ve ever wanted on the line and you’re only 13 and you’re so young and naive she’s so realistic that I would make exactly the same decisions. And I feel like no matter how much people would disagree with me I think if any of you were 13 year old girls put in that situation you would make exactly the same decisions. And that’s why I love her and I feel really protective of her because people criticise her but it’s like, “no you would do the same,” and she’s one of the most realistic characters I think and also I think she’s one of the most strong characters because she takes all this crap from Joffrey and from the court and she doesn’t fight back, she doesn’t say anything that could get killed for essentially. Because she’s learning all the time. she’s learned from her father’s death and so she’s gonna take it all and she’s taking it in her stride and I think one she might come back with this huge revenge plot but for now she’s being good about it and she’s being a 14 year old girl.
Sophie Turner on Sansa Stark: “How do you as an actress feel about Sansa?” - from The Stark Family Interview (via popcornandroses)


A quick sketch of Sansa as a waterbender because of reasons.

have you decided it’s safer in cages, singing when you’re told?

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